I almost hesitate to put anything on this page!  All catering menu’s are tailored for your specific event needs and budget.  Below are simply a few ideas, but just barely the tip of the iceberg!  From fun and casual, to elegant and sophisticated, we will work with you!  Please contact us directly for pricing, or a proposal for your event needs.  Be sure to check out our Parties & Celebration page as well, it has some great ideas for super fun, and yummy, events we specialize in!

Curried lobster salad on endive leaves

Balsamic glazed lamb ‘lollipops’ on bamboo skewers

Chorizo & Chevre spring rolls

Olive torte…a unique torte that is decorative and delicious!

Stuffed snow peas…cherry tomatoes….stuffed with angel of death blue cheese dip, topped with finely diced almonds & parsley

Smoked salmon stackers…smoked salmon stacked on a crisp round toast point topped with hardboiled egg, sliced red onion, and lemon aioli

Caesar salad spring rolls…crispy romaine hearts wrapped inside prosciutto lined spring rolls, topped with a dollop of dressing and baby croutons

Adult grilled cheeses…sinfully rich…european style bread lathered with herb garlic butter, filled with cream havarti, rich white cheddar and smoked gouda…grilled and cut into rounds sprinkled with toasted black sesame seeds

Hot Shrimp or Crab Dip with crostinis; Classics never go out of style!

Petite Ham Biscuits

Party Quesadilla’s- grilled veggies, choice of shrimp, chicken or beef

Grilled Veggie Platter

Finger Sandwichess…tomato basil mayo, cucumber dill cream cheese, curried chicken salad, watercress & salmon, jalapeno pimiento cheese

Black bean Salsa roll ups

Grilled kabobs with homemade tzatziki sauce, choose: chicken, steak, pork or shrimp

Mini caprese salads on bamboo skewers

Spiced party nuts

… and lots more where these ideas came from!

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