Personal Chef Services & Pricing

For all personal chef services, I will come to your home and prepare designated menus in your kitchen.  I bring a “kit” that is included in your price and contains things like kitchen towels, salt & pepper, saran wrap, foil, various oils and vinegars, and occasionally herbs and spices.  And yes, I travel with my own knives.  Unless special equipment is needed, such as a mandoline for thin slicing or a large pot for soups, I will use your cookware.  I follow all health safety protocol and standards, and I am a licensed ServSafe graduate with years of professional experience.  All you provide is a clean counter space for food prep, refrigerator/freezer space for your order, and I do the rest!  I clean everything before I go that has been used, and take my own dirty kitchen towels with me.  All you do after I leave is follow clear & concise cooking/reheating instructions, then enjoy your order. 

Below you will find a helpful guide for details and prices for personal chef options.  Please call 336.681-0675, or email, to schedule an appointment or discuss any questions.

Below are the Personal Chef Services offered.

1. Fresh Weekly Meals:

Option A)  Pre-set Weekly Menu, 3 meals that each serve 4, $200

This package provides you with three full meals that serve 4 people.  Each meal usually includes an entrée and 2 sides from a pre-set weekly menu, and often it will also include bread or extra items.  While some items each week can be frozen, the menu is designed with fresh in mind.  This plan can be packaged in servings of 4 or 2 portions.   Limited substitutions are available to meet dietary preferences.  To see the menu click here.

Option B)  Customized Weekly Menu

All menus will be customized based on your preferences, dietary needs, and budget.  I will work with you to design the menu’s you and your family need.   This will start with a free consultation once services are booked.  This option is priced at an hourly rate of $65,  plus cost of groceries,  and I will provide a cost estimate before services are booked.

 2.  Personal Chef Services

Under this category there are many options for hiring me as your personal chef.

  • Small Dinner Parties
  • Cooking Classes– right in your own home!  This is always a lot of fun, so get a group together and do something fun and different, and learn and eat in the process.
  • Cooking instructions– One common thing I have found over the years is there are some people who simply don’t know how to put all the pieces together.  Perhaps you need help planning menu’s, or grocery shopping to maximize your ingredients instead of buying for 3 different recipes.  Whatever it is that has you stumbling, there are a lot of basics that come naturally to me.  My love of food is based in sharing this knowledge with others.
  • Catered events, large or small
  • Miscellaneous Needs– I know they are out there! Perhaps you are having weekend house guests and need a full fridge of meals or snacks.  Your family is going on vacation and you prefer to pack all your homemade goodies and go.  If these, or any other situations have you needing help, then I am your option.

Personal chef services are priced at an hourly rate of $65,  plus cost of groceries,  with a cost estimate provided before services are booked.

 3.  Stock your Freezer Service

This is a great plan if you enjoy having homemade food in your freezer so you do not have to wonder “What’s for dinner tonight?”.  It can also be a great gift, or something to split with a friend.

The stock your freezer service is customized for whatever you want to order.  If you would like to have 6 healthy entrees that serve 2 people, freshly prepared then frozen, I will prepare that.  If you’d like 10 quarts of soup or 5 casseroles to have on hand, just let me know.  Freezer items will be packaged and labeled according to your preferences in single, double, or family size containers.  If you are planning for vacation, holidays, or want to have your freezer loaded, this service will make your life easier.  Freezer services are priced at an hourly rate of $65,  plus cost of groceries,  with a cost estimate provided before services are booked.

If you want simple and healthy, or maybe you want comfort foods, I can do it all.  There are too many entrée and side choices to list here, so please contact me at for customized menu planning options,  or click here to visit the Menu options page.


A few other details and commonly asked questions:

  •  All items can be prepared in disposable dishes to be included in grocery cost, or in your personal dishes if you prefer.
  • All cooking is done on site, in your kitchen, using your pots and pans. I will bring my own knives and special utensils if needed or required for what is being prepared. I will clean up everything used and clean all preparation and cook surfaces upon completion.
  • Yes!  If you want to provide the groceries for me, feel free!  I am happy to provide you with a detailed grocery list of what will be needed and this can save on cost.
  • People always say, “My kitchen isn’t nice”. Guess what? It doesn’t matter, mine isn’t either! I’m not there to judge your kitchen, just cook in it!
  • What do I need to do?  Just provide ample clean work space and let me get to cooking! You don’t even have to be there, but it’s always to fun to chat for a few minutes if you are!
  • Cash preferred, personal checks welcome, at the time services are completed.