A lot has been “stewing” over here!

I knew Brunswick Stew was really popular, and I agree it is really good stew, but I wasn’t sure how popular until the past two weeks!  Thank you for all of your orders, I have made more Brunswick Stew than I thought possible!  The debate is large on if it started in Brunswick, Georgia, or Brunswick County, Virginia.  I sure would have thought it hailed from Winston-Salem, NC this week and last!

Now it is time to move on to a yummy marinated Mediterranean Chicken dinner for next week, and then get ready for Thanksgiving!  Next week’s chicken dish is a “take and bake” item that is marinted and ready to put in the oven.  Your house will smell delicious, and better yet dinner is yummy and easy for you!  See details on both menu’s in the sidebars to the right under “Dinner Pick Up’s” and “For the Holiday Table”.  Thanksgiving orders will be taken up until next Saturday, November 17th at Noon.  I am offering a lot of things for the Holiday table, but more than that!  Be sure to check out the link to see about All American Chili, slow simmered Bolognese sauce and more goodies that might help you survive the days during and after!  Time and space will make all of this available on a limited basis so get your order in soon if you don’t want to miss out!  You’ll be glad!   

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