Laughing all the way!

laughing all the way

It is true, sometimes you have to laugh instead of cry.  For instance, when I dropped Brunswick Stew all over the kitchen floor this morning, including my shoes.  Like yesterday when I had 30 minutes to finish cutting fresh fruit for 60 people, and when I cut into the melons, two were rotten!  Quickly I ran to Harris Teeter, and paid triple the price for two more, but the good news is everything was finished and the fruit was sweet and looked great!  So much of life is about our attitude when things don’t work out perfectly, isn’t it?  Two little things is really nothing to complain about at all.

Speaking of complaining, if you need any help for Christmas because you don’t love to cook, be sure to look at the Santa’s helper page.  Orders must be in by next Saturday which is only 6 days away.  Order today while there is still time and space!

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