Tea’s the season!

So much to love about spring!  This week something monumental happened in our yard, like it does each year.  Small sprigs of mint appeared in my garden, amidst the lemon balm and those other gorgeous growing things, weeds.  But the mint- what a truly welcome and refreshing thing that is.   At our house, mint becomes something so much more.  Not only is it a great tea, or the taste of the South, it’s the smell of memories, life lessons, and home.  My mom has grown mint and made mint tea my whole life, or at least almost as long as I can remember.  Now I make it, and my children have grown to love it as well.  I regularly send one of the kids out to pick the mint, we’ll make tea, and before they go to bed the pitcher is gone.  Gone, in no time, just like Spring days with warm afternoons and chilly mornings, that fade into muggy summer nights.  Barefeet, lazy days, crickets chirping, lemonade stands… we make mint tea until Fall arrives and takes the mint.  Giving us a rest, until it grows again the next Spring, and we make mint tea once again.

“Tea’s the season” to enjoy it, and I hope you’ll try the recipe below.  It’s the simple things, that are often the best things about food and life, so enjoy!

Sweet Mint Tea

8 cups water

2 family size Lipton tea bags

3 sprigs of fresh mint, about 3-4inches long

about 3/4 cup sugar, adjust to your preference

Bring water almost to a boil in a teapot.  During this time, place the tea bags and mint in your tea pitcher.  I like to crush the mint a little in my palms to release some of the fragrance and oils.  When water is ready, pour it over tea bags in your tea pitcher and let steep several minutes.  Remove tea bags and mint, being sure to squeeze the liquid out of the mint.  Add sugar and stir into tea while hot, chill and serve over ice.  Enjoy!

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