Matter of Opinion

One of my dearest friends gave me a memo pad the other day with a funny little “kitchen humor ” on it.  It reads, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember this recipe calling for your opinion!”  It reminds me how much I love cocktail napkins, or just short one liners that are so funny, and often so very true.  Hopefully you are thinking of some of your favorites and chuckling right now.  If not, I’m sure you have a drawer or basket tucked away somewhere, of those plastic wrapped packages you have received as a thank you, or plan to give as a thank you, or both!  But no matter how you perceive them, I don’t think they can ever go out of style, I guess that’s just my opinion.

Enjoy…a little kitchen humor is sometimes what we all need!  Here are just a few, (credits to Google Images)…

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