Doughnuts in the making…

Work hard, play hard.  Just do it.  All kinds of ad campaigns regularly run through my mind as slogans for how to live life, not just buy products.  Sometimes I imagine a career in advertising, where my often random thoughts and ideas could be put to use.  Therefore, the purpose of my blog.  For those of you reading it, I hope sometimes it inspires you to cook, play, and live the best of food and life from time to time, and I thank you for being somewhat interested.

Today I woke up thinking how different my life will be a week from today as we get ready for the first day back to school.  Many of us count our calendars by school days, and those summer days are quickly drawing to a close this week as Labor Day approaches.  One day, as sad as it might make me to think about now, I realize this calendar will change as children grow older, and my calendars is marked by Holiday breaks from college and home visits.  Summer has been exactly the kind of fun we dreamt of early last Spring, but as my kids start to increasingly irritate each other and wonder what to do, I realize a schedule will be good for all of us.

Between books and carpools, soccer and lacrosse, you will find me nestled in the cutest commercial kitchen you have ever seen, having fun, cooking all under the guise of working.   Just whistle while you work, right?  Some of our good friends own Carolina Pet Place, which is a great kennel if you have dogs, or other animals, and live in the Winston-Salem area.  But the best things about this “shout out” is that his email is signed “Living the dream one dog at a time”.  I love it, I think it is hysterical, but it also reminds me how lucky I am to truly be living my dream, as I hope so many of you are.  If not, just do it!

My kids are hungry right now, and they want to make doughnuts, so I better go.  Really?  Yes.  Homemade doughnuts, I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes and/or laughing that I would do this.  Just go to Krispy Kreme– I mean, we are in Winston-Salem where they were born, right?  But yes, what fun!  Unfortunately they have to rise for a couple of hours, but now you know what we’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow.  I have made beignets before, but never doughnuts, I’ll post my recipe if it turns out well…

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