Super send off…

In a word, awesome.  In two words, foodie fun, and in three, just what I wanted.  I am talking about this past weekend, which was almost the perfect way to spend our last weekend before school begins.  Great times with family and friends, time working in the yard, just relaxing and fun at the same time.  Friday we helped host a great 40th birthday party for a dear friend, featuring the Camel City Grill Food truck.  I chose the Ben’s Pimiento Burger, and it was a really good burger…chipotle gave it a nice kick.  Not to mention Ben, the namesake, was the one serving it.

Camel City Grill Food Truck

Camel City Grill Food Truck

Saturday morning brought a Fall like feel with crisp air, and a picture perfect setting for a trip to the Old Salem Farmers Market to buy some gorgeous things for dinner.  There, Sugar Creek Farm is one of my favorite vendors.  After a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for lemons, then home for a quick rub down for the leg of lamb before it sat all day soaking in the flavors, we were all outside working in the yard and enjoying an afternoon outdoors.

Sugar Creek Farm peppers

Sugar Creek Farm peppers

Farmers market Yukon Golds

Farmers market Yukon Golds

Now, the real fun begins.  Our grill has a rotisserie attachment, and we don’t use it often, making the times we do even more enjoyable.  Last night we put our leg of lamb on it, and let the fire do the work.  Crispy on the outside with herbs and garlic making a yummy crust and tender, juicy meat beneath, what else needs to be said.  Fire roasted baby Yukon potatoes, marinated vegetable salad, grilled pita bread, to enjoy this with fresh ingredients form the market that morning was amazing.

Full from dinner, and not to mention tired from the past two days of fun, we sat down and watched a movie for a relaxing end to the day.  Now, morning is here, and I’m awaiting my sleepyheads to wake up.  Four Oaks Farms grits are on the burner and fresh sausage in the cast iron pan, and I need to go before it burns.

I hope you have a great week, you will find me back in the kitchen this week getting ready for a busy season ahead and preparing for several catering jobs.  My updated menu for the first dinner pick up Sept. 4th is now listed on my blog links on the side.  Enjoy, the best of food and life, one weekend at a time, I hope to see you at the kitchen soon!

Rotisserie Lamb

Rotisserie Lamb


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