“Seeing green”… Grandma’s Family Reunion Punch

Saint Patrick’s Day is Monday and a lot of people are seeing green.  In our house we enjoy a slow simmered corned beef brisket and potatoes, after a morning of leprechaun traps and searching for rainbows by the wee ones.  Leprechauns are messy, but I do hope one day we find them with a pot o’ gold.

I think it’s interesting how so many people without Irish heritage celebrate this green holiday, don’t you?  I am not into the green beer type of thing, nor Irish Whiskey for that matter, but it made me wonder what Irish Whiskey really is.  Last week a friend brought me a bottle of rye whiskey as a gift, and then it really had my wheels turning and caused me to really look into the science behind whiskey.   Here is what I learned.

In a nutshell, whiskey is any booze distilled from fermented grain mash and must be 40% alcohol by volume. The differences in whiskey relies on the type of grain used.  For example, Scotch is whiskey made from malted barley and bourbon is whiskey at least 51% corn.  Things go much deeper than this, and where the whiskey is made has a lot to do with it as well, such as Tennessee Whiskey and the aforementioned Irish Whiskey. For those of you interested you can click here to go to a website that will give you much more information, but for now that is about as scientific as I’ll get on this post.

If you’re like me, it is always nice to have what we call “kid friendly” drinks for fun days like this.  Mom and dad can have their adult beverages, and the kids have fun as well!  So today I am sharing with you a green recipe that is truly so delicious I’ll have it, too.  It has been something we have made in our family for generations, particularly at Holidays and family reunions, basically anytime where young and old have gathered to celebrate over food and family.  I simply call it “Grandma’s Family Reunion Punch”, and I hope it might inspire you this St. Patrick’s Day, or any other time as well.

In closing, as the Irish say:” For each petal on the shamrock this brings a wish your way, of good health, good luck and happiness, for today and every day.”

Grandma’s Family Reunion Green Punch

2 packets lime kool aid

2 cups sugar

2 quarts water

1 quart container lime sherbert or pineapple sherbert

1 liter ginger ale

Dissolve kool aid, sugar and water in large container.  Add the ginger ale and sherbert just before serving, stirring in.  Serve and enjoy!

One thought on ““Seeing green”… Grandma’s Family Reunion Punch

  1. Good Morning Julia:

    What a great post!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing and stories!! I remember the green punch from my childhood!!

    I hope all is well!! Best wishes to you and your family!!


    ps: I lived in Washington, DC for several years in the early 80s. St. Patricks Day in DC is quite the celebration!!

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