every sunrise is a new journey…

Every sunrise is a new journey.  This is not my original phrase, but one I wanted to use because I love it enought to share.  Every sunrise is a new journey, a new day ahead of you with fresh beginnings and life to live.  There are meals to prepare, jobs to work, people to love.

If there is anyone who can wake up and think of a reason to have a party and entertain, I am among them.  The art of planning a menu, thinking of fun little touches, and preparing an event large or small, holds all the fun for me.  Wrapping it up with friends, family, and a good meal are the icing on the cake.  Like other Holidays, Memorial Day is filled with fun celebrations everywhere.  Yards across America will be firing up their grills, flippin’ burgers and hot dogs, and hanging American flags.  And yes, my family will be doing the same with yummy grilled pimineto cheese &   caramelized onion burgers and Annies’ Deviled Eggs. 

And, in the midst of it all, I will pause to remember why we have this day off.  I will remember why banks are closed, flags fly high, and why we are able to share the freedoms that make us proud to be  American.  For a moment  today I will close my eyes and picture the quiet serenity of Arlington Cemetery, and imagine I am there.  I will envision the faces of those who are there to remember, to honor, to miss the ones they have lost.  I hope you will also pause to do the same.

As I drove home this weekend through country roads in the mountains, I passed a small country church whose sign out front said it all: “In memory of some, in honor of all.”  Because of them I am able to enjoy the best of food and life, I hope you do the same.

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