tis the night before school starts…

Tis the night before school starts and all through the house, backpacks are ready and kids are tucked in.  Nestled with their covers pulled up to their chins.

All the supplies have been bought that cost a mere fortune, I’m just thankful I’m able to provide them for certain.  There are many who can’t and that makes me sad, sad that not all children will go to school in the morning feeling loved and so glad.

And as for me, there’s a wave of nostalgia tonight, just like all parents we want to be sure we are doing this right.  There is no handbook or lessons for life’s biggest job, simply guided by love, blind faith they call it, with help from above.

As they sleep all nestled in their beds, I remember the grades from years before, it seems like kindergarten was just at yesterday’s door.  You always hear it goes by so fast, until one day it is you wanting to make these times last.

Regret not, and remember “growing them up” is part of our job.  They are ours to love while we have them, so love them hard.




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