It has been entirely too long since I have written, and I miss it.  Writing has become a part of my life, and the connection I feel through words is huge.  The past month has flown by and suddenly I am here today, realizing how long it has been since I last put my thoughts to paper.  I have been inspired countless times by numerous things, and the number of blogs I have written in my mind is vast, just never put down.  You see, somehow spring break turned into Easter, and here I am in May preparing for the end of the school year and summer.  It has been a gorgeous Spring, just what it should be…cool mornings with warm afternoons, April showers that bring May flowers.  And jam packed with things to do.  Like you, juggling a schedule of work, volunteering, kids and more gets hectic at times, and the thought of lazy summer days is a welcome one.  Our schedules are full and we are plugged in all the time.  Summer seems to bring a break from this, and hope that 24/7 will become 24/6.  It’s funny, we are so connected in every way, that sometimes doesn’t it seem like we are disconnected?

This morning as I reached for my thoughts, I decided to enjoy this one true morning off and go for a long walk though Graylyn and Reynolda.  It was stunning.  The contrasting shades of Spring greens exploded everywhere, fresh cut grass and fields of blooms painted a picture that can’t be duplicated.  (Nature is one serious interior designer!)  As I was walking through the big field at Reynolda, the most amazing scent filled the air.  I literally stopped and then retraced my steps to get closer.  Fragrant blooms buzzed with honey bees darting in and out.  I stopped, and for the first time in too long, picked a honeysuckle blossom and tasted that sweet nectar.  Suddenly, I felt reconnected.

Simple things often seem to recharge us the most, and make us feel connected instead of disconnected.  A phone call in place of a text, a glimpse of the first long awaited flower bloom, the taste and smell of honeysuckle.

It’s there, go do it.  Enjoy the best of food and life.

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