When life hands you lemons…

Meyer Lemons

The little things in life do, in fact, make you happy.  Yesterday a good friend dropped off a beautiful gift bag of homegrown Meyer Lemons from her parents home in Louisiana!  What a treat, and these are not what you find at the Fresh Market…they are the size of oranges or bigger, and are so fragrant and smooth I just can’t stop holding them!  So when life hands you lemons, or Meyer lemons in this case, make lemonade.  Or, as I did tonight, make Italian Lemon Chicken for dinner, the lemonade will come this weekend!

This year I am looking forward to being back in the kitchen after a great break with family and friends.  Each week in January I will continue to feature a fresh soup, a salad, and then I will feature two entree’s.  One entree will be a seafood choice and the other will not.  There will be a couple of frozen selections as well, and I hope to tuck in a few surprises every now and then!

February promises to be fun with a theme of family style meals, a Valentine’s Day special to save you the hassle of a restaurant reservation, and also some new introductions such as my focaccia pizza.  I will be doing the pizza one week each month and it is sure to be a hit in your home!

In March we will travel the culinary globe, or at least a very small portion of it!  I am already thinking of some fun menu’s and where to visit.  For now, I have updated the links on this site, be sure to check them out and don’t forget to place your dinner order by Sunday evening for next Wednesday’s Dinner Pick Up on January 9th.  Until then, enjoy the best of food and life in 2013!

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