Inspired at the oddest things!

I love being inspired to write.  Sometimes it is a beautiful day at the farmers market, a new recipe, or travel.  On Friday it was a cookbook, and not just any cookbook, so let me explain.  So… here I am at TJ Maxx, killing a few minutes looking for some catering dishes before I pick up the kids.  I meander to the cookbook section and look at a Tapas book for  new party ideas, when the book behind it caught my attention.  Five minutes later I am laughing out loud and blushing.  Yes, blushing, over a cookbook.  The title is “Fifty Shades of Chicken…a parody in a cookbook”.  I say to myself “This might be worth buying”, just as I realize people around me are looking and wondering what is wrong with me!  Honestly, I was laughing out loud!

Now I am home and I have looked at this book in its entirety.  I have truly never seen a cookbook like it, and I have a pretty good cookbook collection!  Many of you are probably familiar with the recently popular book trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  If you haven’t heard of it, maybe you have been travelling in Asia for a year, and I will let you ask a friend of yours about it.  But, for those of you who might have read it (I won’t ask names), this cookbook is absolutely a fun, hysterical parody about cooking chicken.  Not to mention, it has some great looking recipes that I am sure I will begin trying in the next few days.  It is so good it needs to be shared, but I don’t won’t to clog my blog with it, or annoy those of you who might not find it appropriate or the parodies funny.  I am going to do a few excerpts from it, recipes included, once or twice a week through a seperate e-mail.  The tag line on the book says “50 Chicken recipes Bound to be Delicious”.  I doubt we’ll go throught all fifty, but I will pick out the funnier parodies and better recipes for a couple of weeks.  If you are interested in subscribing to it, please send me an e-mail at

Here is a small, clean excerpt, from Chapter One, “The Novice Bird”.

“He’s clearly not into me.  I wait quietly on the counter and watch his skillful, knowing hands work.  Desire pools way down in my cavity and in spite of myself I start to daydream while he preps a radish.  He cocks an eyebrow.  “Penny for your thoughts, Miss Hen?”  He appears focused on his task, but there’s a slight glint in his eye.  I flush.  Oh, I was just imagining your hands traveling up my thighs and…”

Remember, this is about cooking a chicken, so don’t let your minds wander.  It is quite funny, but being a parody it is raunchy at times so don’t sign up if you are likely to be offended!  Some of my readers might even be parents of friends, so keep in mind I am simply sharing it, not writing it!  The recipes look great and I will share them with those who subscribe to the email, and maybe feature a few of them on a Weds dinner pick up after I have tried them.

Have a great week and I will see many of you on Weds at the kitchen!

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