“Laughter is brightest where food is best.” -Irish Proverb


Hello me lads!  I have had fun researching Irish food to put together a fun menu for next week, a wee bit of something for everyone.  Besides doing the actual cooking, learning about the culture and history of food is part of what makes it fun for me.  Until last night, I did not know that Cottage Pie typically is from England and uses ground beef, while Shepherd’s Pie is from Ireland and is traditionally made with lamb.  Boxtie is the Irish potato pancake.  And do you know what is in colcannon?  It is a traditional dish of potatoes mashed with cabbage and scallions.  Another fun fact unrelated to food, is that the shamrock came to be associated with Ireland because it was used by Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, as a symbol of the Holy Trinity when he was preaching.  Of course you have Irish limericks, toasts and Irish sayings, too!  There is so much to learn, but that was about all I could fit in.  If you find some other fun facts please share them with me, about Ireland or anything else!

For now, enjoy the best of food and life… and cheers to you and yours next weekend on St. Patrick’s Day!  Be sure to check out the updated dinner pick up page with some yummy Irish foods for next week, Irish whiskey and beer not included!

“There are two kinds of people, those who are Irish, and those who wish they were.” -author unknown

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