Fun Facts for a Friday!

Ok, so maybe I should have put the word “useless” in the post title- “Fun, uesless, facts for a Friday!”  But then again, are any facts really useless?  My Father-in-law, named Jack, always has lots of information.  We call these “Jack Facts”, and even though it isn’t a genetic connection, I think I have picked up on this as I love this kind of silly trivia!

So, in case you need something more to do this May, here are some fun things that might spur an idea for you.  But first, let’s talk about this…when did May become the new December?  Everyone who has walked through my kitchen doors, and that has been quite a number of you recently, is talking about how busy this month is!  May feels like a Holiday month, and I know many of us are looking forward to the lazier days of summer that will be here before we know it.  Maybe when you need a break from everything this month, you can look back at this post and choose something to slow down with, so here is some more food for thought.

Did you know May is National Hamburger month?  Go bust out your grill!  May is also National Salsa month, probably not ironic since Cinco de Mayo is this weekend!  In addition, it is also National Asparagus Month, National Barbecue Month, National Egg month, National Salad Month, and National Strawberry Month.  I liked it when I saw the last one, since I will be strawberry picking this weekend!  The National Barbecue one got me thinking we should smoke some pork shouulders soon for a dinner pick up, just in time for early summer entertaining and weekends away.

Today, May 3rd, is offically “Raspberry Tart Day”, but I’m sure you knew that already!  May 19th is Devil’s Food Cake Day, and probably one of the most popular is May 25th, “Wine Day”.  Truly, I could go on with more, but you are probably reading this in a line somewhere and have things to go do.  Email me anytime if you want more foodie facts.  My calendar lists facts about each month, and I also have a cookbook called “Food Fest 365”, with 365 facts similar to the ones above, and recipes to go with it.

Have a great weekend, I look forward to seeing a lot of you next week in the kitchen.  My Dinner Pick up is on May 8th, and this will benefit Hope du Jour.  Join me in “Dining in” Wednesday if you can’t dine out on Tuesday.  The updated menu is listed in the link on the side.  I am almost sold out of the Shrimp & Corn Chowder, so if you are planning on ordering this do it soon!

And, until I see you, enjoy the best of food and life!

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