Tribute to Lorine

This is one of my posts that has less to do with the best of food, and more to do with the best of life.  It’s about how meeting strangers, who quickly seem to become someone you know, can change your day.  Two weekends ago I met Lorine, and it was just one of those moments that has stayed with me, and I have thought about her every day since.  For a little added humor, I should tell you how we met.

Lorine lives in St. Helena’s Island, just outside of Beaufort, SC.  This is also where one of the American Idol finalists, Candice Glover, is from.  My family was visiting in Beaufort, and it happened to be The American Idol Finalists home town parade and concert at the same time.  The city was going “Candice Crazy”, to say the least!  As luck would have it, we went to the parade that afternoon, and out of the hundreds of people there, fate had it that we were in a spot beside Lorine.  Lorine knows Candice and her family, and somehow we started talking and didn’t stop.  Her sweet Gullah accent was so smooth and deep, and for whatever powers that be, she just made such an impact on me.  Funny, I don’t even know her, yet I feel like I had a glimpse into her life and she into mine, in that brief time at the parade.  When we were leaving I asked her if by any chance she was on Facebook, and I was actually quite surprised when she said she was.  Earlier I sent her a friend request, and although we might end up as FB friends, I’m not sure she will ever know how much of an impact she made on me.

That afternoon made me realize, again, that what we do, and how we treat others, influences not just us, but those we encounter.  It might just be the line at the grocery store today, or it could have been the Winston-Salem Centennial Parade this past weekend, you never know who you’ll meet and their influence on you, or you on them.  Thanks for reminding me of this Lorine, you rock, and I hope our paths do cross again.

Until I see you again, enjoy the best of food, and life!  This week there is no dinner pick up as I have a “full plate” with catering jobs.  I will update later this week about a simplified May 23 pick up, just in time to help with your Memorial Day plans.

One thought on “Tribute to Lorine

  1. Robin Chandler Leverton says:

    Thank you for sharing your new friend and know that you will be thinking of Lorrine
    watching American Idol this week.

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