A Piece of the Pie

You know how in Trivial Pursuit you get the game piece that is a pie shape, and the object is to fill it by going to different places on the board, answering questions, until it is full?  Wouldn’t it be great if we thought about our lives more like the game of Trivial Pursuit?  What I mean is, the game is fun and exciting, you can’t wait to roll again, see where you’re going next!  A lot of times the answers are wrong, just like in our lives at times.  So, you move on, wait for your next turn, and you try again for your piece of the pie.  Of course, life is not a game, but we should try to make it as fun as possible.  Somtimes it can be entirely too short, and we never know exactly when the game might end.

Speaking of pieces of the pie, next week I am making Tomato Basil Tarts.  A lot of you are new to my cooking, so let me tell you… this dish has always been one of the most popular things I have ever made- period!  It is different than any other tomato pie I have ever had, and the chef who taught me this recipe always called it a tart.  For traditions’ sake, I continue to call it a tart as well, even though I have adjusted the recipe a little over the years.  One summer a few years back, I made this before I had my commercial kitchen. It took me, literally, two days to bake all the pies I needed in my small home oven!  Luckily, I can now accomodate lots & lots of orders , so be sure to try this during next week’s Dinner Pick Up.

I am finding it hard to believe summer will be here shortly.  School will be out, kids will be coming and going, hot (humid) days will be here before we know it.  The Farmer’s Markets will be busting with produce, and home herb gardens like mine will be green and full!  I will write details about my summer schedule, and Summer Freezer Meals, in the next couple of weeks.  Until then enjoy the best of food and life, and I hope to see you soon in the kitchen.

PS- after my last “Tribute to Lorine” post, I had to say congratulations to Candice for winning American Idol last night, I know my friend Lorine is proud!

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