A dollop of Daisy…

Dollop of Daisy...cover from inside of the sour cream container

Dollop of Daisy…cover from inside of the sour cream container

If you were to call me a broken record, it would very often be true.  I have said it before and I am certain I will say it again, but sometimes joy can be found in the most simple of things.  Tonight for instance, I opened a fresh container of Daisy sour cream, and the foil lid had a picture of Glacier National Park in Montana.  Between the hustle of helping kids do homework and making dinner, it certainly caused me to pause for a second and take a deep breath, remembering times spent out west and the mountains that I love so much.  All of the sudden the baked potatoes in the oven that were the reason for the sour cream turned into a simple reminder to pause and enjoy, to pause and remember.  All because of a simple Monday night dinner of peel & eat shrimp, baked potatoes with garlic butter and sour cream, and steamed broccoli…simply good.

This time of year brings so many reasons for us all to be thankful, and while you don’t need me to tell you that, I think writing about it makes me thankful as well.  I thank you for being interested in my ideas, and food, and giving me the chance to do what I love.  As you go about your days getting ready for the Holidays and guests, enjoy it!  Enjoy it over food and drinks, and with the love of family and friends wrapping around you like a blanket.

Simply enjoy. Simply enjoy life, one dollop at a time.

Our simple Monday night dinner...

Our simple Monday night dinner…

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