soul searching…

The cold weather is here, and that Holiday feeling is in the air, just in time for Thanksgiving week.  I hope you enjoy a wonderful Holiday and the abundance of the blessings around us.  Take the time to soak it all in.

I saw an advertisement recently that inspired me to think about why I cook, to really look deep and try understand why and what it is that I love about food and all things about it.  For me it is sometimes simply learning about food cultures across the globe, making a meal at home for friends, shopping at a Farmers market or going to Whole Foods, setting the table and lighting candles, reading a cookbook.  I love what food encompasses.  It made me do a little soul searching, and although my reasons extend far, far beyond words on a page, here are a few of the reasons for my passion.  Enjoy.

“Soul searching”

I cook because I love to.  I cook because, it is who I am. 

For me, cooking is my canvas and ingredients are my paints. 

It is a way I show my love.  It is a way I share my love.

I cook to celebrate, I cook to remember. 

I cook to inspire, and to comfort. 

I cook to create memories, and to cherish memories I have.

I cook…for Holidays, for my business, for family and friends.  I would cook for the whole city if I could.

I cook to nourish, feeding the body, mind, and the soul. 

I cook because I am thankful, for having plenty of food, and plenty of people to share it with.

I cook, for fun, as a relief, as an escape, some might say to fill a void… we all have them. 

I cook to teach, and to learn.

I cook, because that’s just what I do.  I share it, because I want to.

I cook to carry on traditions, and to bring new ones. 

I cook because I am hungry…for food, for life, for love. 

-Julia S. Chandler-

With love and thanks to all my customers, bloggers, family and friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

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