fill me up, buttercup!

I’m going on a journey, one you can go on with me.  The first of many in a series I am about to take.  When we get back, hopefully we will all have culture shock.  This is the ideal trip, as you only have to travel a few minutes from your home (if you’re lucky enough to live in Winston-Salem), and down the road to the cutest commercial kitchen I have ever seen.  While you may spend as much money as you’d like to, it can cost you as little as $5, plus it will be delicious.  Want to come?

As any good foodie knows, the challenge of trying new things in the kitchen just can’t be resisted for a girl like me.  Part of that is the foodie in me, and if I am honest with myself and you, a larger part of that is the adventure I find in trying new things and going out on a limb.  Isn’t that what life is about?  For years I have made flavored butters, damn good ones at times, but I have never made the butter.  Until now, when I take trip next week down a new road and make cultured butter, hopefully resulting in the culture shock earlier mentioned over creamy, smooth, organic simplicity.  The process is quite simple actually,  don’t be overly impressed.  By adding a culture to a good heavy cream (40% plus milk fat), taking some time and a little kneading, butter will be ready in a couple of days.  And the fringe benefit?  Fresh buttermilk!  For those of you that might not realize this simple fact, buttermilk is the liquid extracted from the cream when making butter.  You see, butter-milk?  Amazing!  I can just taste the hot, flaky buttermilk biscuits with house made fresh sea salt & chive butter, can’t you?

Small batch, premium ingredients, nice packaging, fill me up butter cup indeed!  Enjoying the best of simple kitchen things, one batch at a time…

(This week’s Dinner Pick Up email which will be sent tomorrow will give details on placing an order, but don’t wait long as small batch means, well, small batch.)

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