through my kitchen window


Through my kitchen window, I can hear and see it all.  Birds chirp and sit on branches, waiting for the right moment to come to the feeder, hanging where I can watch.  Tiny and daring, they swoop in and out, grabbing seed and going about their day.  A great reminder to me as I start the morning, filling the coffee pot with water and hurrying about, my mind running a million directions, to simply slow it down a notch.  Pause, and listen to their song.

Through my kitchen window, I hear the dribble in the drive of basketballs and children playing.  Sweet voices, having fun, being kids the old fashioned way.  Remember when life was so simple, not a care in the world?  A beautiful sound, just like those in nature, and one that I sadly realize will not be around forever.  Instead of calling them in, I wait and savor it like a fine wine.

Through my kitchen window I look out into the world, but sometimes I really look into my world to the things that matter.  Sometimes as I look out I am blinded by sunlight, sometimes rain splatters against the window pane and dances on tree leaves.  Cool spring breezes and warm summer nights flow in and out, and on special occasions it is a glance to a winter wonderland.  Always teaching me something, if only I stop to listen.

Through my kitchen window, in the room that I love, I am reminded of why I do it all.  Really, it is a window into life, reminding me to enjoy it as each days passes.  So pause, enjoy the views in your world, too, and the best of food and life.

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