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I wrote a blog last year titled “Live hard, love hard, eat well“.  It was actually one of my most popular posts for the year and is among my personal favorites, be sure to check out the link.  The title itself really captures a lot of what I believe in, and definitely is a good summary of my past month.  As spring break comes to an end and I gear up for a busy couple of months ahead while school is still going, the excitement I feel is similar to what it was like starting a business again.  I can’t wait to be “back on the line” in kitchen speak!

Next week’s menu includes some of my popular items, including a twist on the traditional roast chicken which is fun not to mention yummy.   You can choose which cooking method you will employ in your own kitchen, and when your house is filled with the delicious aroma you can take every bit of the credit while you enjoy not having to cook, or clean up.  New meaning to the phrase living hard and eating well, right?  Enjoy the best of food and life, and thanks to all of you for sharing in my journey.  I hope to see you at the kitchen soon.
Dinner Pick up April 9th, 10:30 am -1:30 pm.

1.  “Faux-tisserie” Chicken…why haven’t I prepared this sooner?
One natural chicken with directions for how to
roast one of two ways, it’s up to you:

“Faux-tisserie” style which is a slow 2.5- 3 hour roast that yields a fall off the bone bird; or “traditional” roasting time with juicy meat & crisp skin.

Choose your flavor- Cajun rubbed or Italian Country with lemon, rosemary, garlic and olive oil; $18 per order

2.  Creamy Parmesan Orzo-  this is kind of like the “pasta cousin of risotto”.  Orzo with parmesan cheese, cream, lemon zest and light seasoning.  One small side, 2-3 svgs, $10

3.  Italian Stuffed Loaves– pizza dough stuffed with Italian meats and three cheese blend, then rolled up and baked.
All you have to do is re-heat, slice and serve!
Quickly becoming a blue moose favorite…one roll, $18

4.  Classic Caesar Salad– crisp romaine with ciabatta croutons, grape tomatoes and Caesar dressing, serves 2, $12


5.  Deep Dish Chicken & Broccoli Pie, a yummy twist on the traditional chicken pie…$18

6.  Cheddar Biscuits, $8/half dozen

Place your order by emailing
by Sunday evening, April 5th.

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