Double delicious…Easter Helpers & Freezer Pleasers in one day!

Easter Menu Helpers

All orders for “Easter Helpers” must be pre-ordered by this Sunday evening, April 13th.  Simply email Julia at with your order.  Please note this pick up will be next THURSDAY, April 17th, 10:30-1:30.  Not only are there yummy items for the Easter table, but great gift ideas to take and meals to travel with as well!

Creamy Carrot Soup-
a hint of ginger makes this soup fresh and flavorful.  A great way to start your Easter meal or, your Easter weekend!  Be sure to save some for the Easter bunny…one quart, $10

Spring Calico Salad– a combination of fresh spring peas, green peppers, purple onion, yellow wax beans, mixed with black eyed peas, lima beans, white shoe peg corn, pimientos and more in a sweet and tangy marinade.  A delicious addition to a casual Easter Dinner or weekend lunches, just great to have in the fridge.  1 quart, $10

Mediterranean Leg of Lamb- the classic combination of fresh crushed rosemary, lemon zest, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and olive oil can’t be beat in this boneless lamb roast studded with cloves of whole garlic.  Complete with instructions on how to grill or roast, each New Zealand lamb roast averages 5 pounds, $65.  (Roast over 5.5 pounds, $12 each additional pound)

Herb Dijon Pork Tenderloins– although I love Easter hams, this pork tenderloin is a delicious and different pork alternative, not to mention a leaner option with great flavor.  Anytime I offer this it is always a popular entree!  Each order includes two pieces of tenderloin marinated in a blend of fresh herbs, red wine vinegar, garlic, and Dijon mustard.  One order, $22…(please note this comes marinated and is ready to grill or roast)

Wild Rice Casserole with Artichokes and Leeks- this creamy dish combines wild rice and long grain rice with herbs, quartered artichoke hearts and sliced spring leeks.  Topped with Swiss cheese and buttered bread crumbs, a great side dish.  Frozen, serves 5-6, $18

Juju Wafers with Black Benne Seeds–  I have tweaked my cheese straw recipe to where I like it, with enough cheese to be crispy and just enough pepper for a bite, and I love the addition of black benne seeds for color and texture.  I roll it into a log and all you have to do is slice and bake, then serve & enjoy!  Packaged in parchment paper tied with Spring ribbon on the ends, this makes a great gift as well.  One 8″ roll, $10…

Ham Delights– Yes, I do make this Southern staple for just about every Holiday, tailgate, brunch and so forth, but why not?  There isn’t much not to love about this classic party roll stuffed with shredded ham, swiss cheese and then steamy hot with melted onion poppy butter once heated through.  Is your mouth watering?  One package, frozen- $18

Julia’s Better Butter’s– choose either Sea Salt & Garlic Herb, or Orange Zest with Thyme & Honey. Packaged in a small (4 ounce) mason jar tied with spring ribbon, they are pretty on the table or as gift…$8.

Orange Cake-Muffins- not really a cupcake or a muffin, these amazingly moist muffins are topped with a sweet glaze and orange zest.  Half dozen/$8

**That’s the end of Easter Holiday helpers!  Please see below for frozen options.**

Freezer pleasers are on a first come, first served basis, no orders are needed or will be taken.  These items will be available next Thursday while they last, April 17th, from 10:30-1:30.  Questions?  Email Julia at

Some goodies to be included are:
Tex Mex Pies
Low Country Cheese Grits
Chicken & Wild Rice Casseroles
Salem Soup (a yummy Southwestern twist to Brunswick Stew with pulled pork, lima beans, black beans, tomatoes, corn, & more!)
Lemon Squares
Kentucky Derby Pie Bars

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