dear marion…

Dear Marion,

Again, here I am.  Staring at your house from my kitchen window.  I am struck by how quickly the past ten years have flown by.  No longer do I wait for your lights to go out at night, knowing that meant you had safely gone to bed.  No longer do I watch you at your porch door, or bring you a plate of dinner.  Now the memory of your sweet crackling voice saying “oh Julia” lingers behind, a treasure in my memory.  Ten years ago there you were, apron tied around your waist and broom in your hand.

Now the brown paint is a fresh new color, and thinking about it floods my mind with a mixture of emotions.  Overall, it reminds me change can be hard, but the results can be unexpectedly beautiful.  It’s a reminder of the fragility of life, and makes my heart feel a little heavy missing you.  I know it’s human nature, but why is change so hard sometimes?  Why are the things we can’t see things that scare us?  Isn’t that what faith is?

Someone else will be living there soon, new memories to be made and new life amongst the walls inside.  The cycle of life, to be appreciated, enjoyed, and above all not taken for granted.

So here’s to a happy new year to all my readers, customers, family and friends. Enjoy the best of food and life, and fresh changes of the new year.

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