swearin’ at the air…

I’ve got a bad case of this.  I’m not even sure the last time I had it so bad, and it’s driving me crazy.  I could pull my hair out every time I see one.  Drosophila, aka, fruit flies!

Summer time is here and the living is good, especially if you’re a fruit fly in my house.  It’s like they think I have set up a buffet for them.  “Should we take the summer tomatoes, peaches, or that banana today?” they are saying to each other.  I personally am hoping they will choose the pineapple I have left out in a saran covered glass dotted with holes, a ‘fly trap’.  Oh yes, I have tried many other remedies in the past week.  So if you’re thinking I should put vinegar in a glass overnight, check that off.  Sugar water?  Check.  Bottle of wine with an inch I grudgingly left in the bottom, well so far that has caught the most victims.

fruit fllies

How do they do it?  They seem to multiply right in front of my eyes.  If you are reading this laughing because you’re in the same fruit boat I am, google it and you will not feel so alone.  All throughout the house, probably even the neighborhood, you can hear me clapping.  I’m really not clapping, only attempting to slap the beasts between my hands and trying to body slam them against the window pane.  How can they do this to me?  I am one of those people who loves animals, and I do think everything has a purpose no matter how pesky it might be.  These little bugs have me swearing at the air.  So good luck to you and yours if you have them, and congratulations to anyone who doesn’t.  If you find the “cure all” please do everyone a favor and comment here!

2 thoughts on “swearin’ at the air…

  1. Mimi Witherow says:

    Julia this is so funny! Only because I know exactly what you are talking about!’ Xoxo Mimi

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