stuff yourself…

The older I get the more Thanksgiving becomes my favorite holiday.  When I was younger, Thanksgiving was all about being out of school, getting the most crisp turkey skin, and watching the Macy’s Day Parade in my pajama’s.  Now that I am no longer in school or quite so young, Thanksgiving fills me with a sense of happiness and gratitude as I celebrate these traditions with my own family.  Contentment, that’s the word I would choose.  Contentment, what a good place to be.

So here’s a Thanksgiving wish to all for a wonderful Holiday week ahead.  I hope your time spent with family and friends is wonderful, and of course accompanied by delicious food.  More importantly, I hope you stuff yourself full of joy, thankfulness, gratitude, contentment, and love.

Enjoy the best of food and life, with thanks for all we have.

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