Setting the Standard

Method + Standard Full Familt Shot (3)

Every once in a while you know something is going to be good, just because.  This is how I feel about the burgeoning craft cocktail scene happening right here, right now, in NC.  At the top of this list is the new vodka called Method & Standard.  Crafted by Piedmont Distilleries, (who was first on the scene of the locally made liquor movement), this smooth vodka in its beautiful packaging did not disappoint.  And yes, aside from the smooth vodka inside, the bottles and packaging give it the look of an artful and expensive perfume.  It is edgy, creative, and good.

For the purists, the original vodka will most likely be your preference.  For those of you who enjoy a flavored vodka, you will be thrilled to know Method & Standard also makes Raspberry, Apple Spice, and Strawberry.  A fine touch is the recipes they provide with creative cocktails, such as the “Bark & Bite” with apple spice vodka and ginger beer.  But don’t take my word for it, you really should get crafty with a bottle of your own.

As their tag line says, Method & Standard is “finely crafted without compromise”.  In words much better than my own, here is what the makers say about the process:  “Method & Standard is crafted without compromise. It was created using our ten years of learning and experimentation with different ingredients and different methods to craft the finest vodka possible. It is small batch blended, using 100% all-natural ingredients to deliver a 100% all-natural taste. It is made from gluten-free, american-grown corn to deliver a subtly sweet taste and extremely clean finish. The vodka is finished by filtering the spirit for twelve hours using carbon made from coconut shells.  This removes almost all of the alcohol burn you typically experience with ordinary vodkas. Method and Standard is free from any additives, extracts or preservatives commonly used in other vodkas. The fruit flavors are authentically infused in whole, ripe, real fruit.  All of the color and taste comes from the fruit itself.  Method & Standard is crafted for those that care what is in their products, how they are made and want products that have a real, all-natural taste. Method & Standard is truly the very best vodka that we can make…”

So get by your local red dot store and pick up some Method & Standard today.  It will inspire you, whether mixed with soda or tonic and a lime, or created like a NYC mixologist into a premium cocktail of your own.  Enjoy!

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