New for 2016, Personal Chef Services

Oh, how I have missed you!  Many of you subscribe to my emails as well, but for those who just follow the blog, I wanted to be sure to update this site as well.

After some time off and a lot of thought, I am excited to offer something new in the form of personal chef services.  There are several ways this service can be used, and each one is sure to make your life easier.
Personal chef services are designed to be whatever you need them to be, from preparing healthy weeknight meals, or catering events in your home, and much more.  Please read below for a summary of services and links to pages on my website.  Click here to go straight to the website.

Fresh Weekly Meal Services-
Choose either a pre-set weekly selection or a customizable menu for you.

1.  Pre-set Menu: The menu will change weekly and will look similar to meals offered through Julia’s Take Away Gourmet dinner pick up.  This pre-set menu includes 3 full meals, each to serve 4, and is $200, including groceries.  To see the menu for the week of January 25th click here!

2.  Customized Weekly Menu: Menus will be designed around your preferences, dietary needs, and budget.  I will work with you to create your menu after a free initial consultation.  This option is priced at an hourly rate, plus groceries.  Click here to see more details about this option.

Personal Chef Services
Under this category there are so many uses!

  • Small dinner parties
  • Cooking classes- get a group together in a home and have fun cooking, eating, and learning
  • Catered events large & small
  • Cooking basics like how to shop efficiently and healthy, shopping for what’s fresh instead of an ingredient list
  • Miscellaneous other needs

Fill your Freezer

The stock your freezer service is very customizable for whatever you want.  If you want 6 healthy entrees I will do that.  I can make 10 quarts of soup, or prepare 5 casseroles to have on hand.  Whether you are planning for vacation, holidays, or want to have your freezer loaded, this service will make your life easier.  For details about this service click here and  here for suggested menu options.

I am now scheduling for services to begin January 25th.  To schedule appointments please contact me via email@ or phone @ 336.681.0675.
If you have any questions, please email or call me.  You can click here to go to my website for all information.

And as always…
Enjoy the best of food and life!

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